Welcome To Cake eXperiment

cake experiment

( sold out )

The Cake Xperiment

Our project offers No utility, No Road map, No promises and No we are not a Dao, actually no one is but that’s a topic for a different discussion. Join us for the cool art and become part of the first No Utility Yacht Club.

We know the market and your bags are slow this days, So we are a free mint, enjoy the art.

We do have a doxed team with incredible artists from Venezuela, Chile and Mexico. 

The official Mint date will be released in our official Twitter @CakeXperiment (NOT DISCORD, looks like hacking Discord is a national sport)



This is the way
step 1

 Selling 10%

  • At this point we will have 0% utility and 100% cool art.
step 2

Selling 20%

  • At this point we will keep the 0% utility plus 0% chances of becoming a DAO
step 3

Selling 50%

  • Yeap still nothing, at this point we wont have a coin system stablished with programed airdrops or a staking systems.
step 4

Selling 100%

  • At this point we wont do anything else. Not a liquidity pool for the project, merch airdrops, pet project aidrops, nada

Frequently Asked Questions

Guess you have questions, well we have answers.

What will be the Total Supply?

5,555 Monkeys, not Apes.

What will be the Mint Price?

.000000 Eth + Gas

How does the Royalty Distribution system work?

Cmon, we just said theres nothing like this, or any other kindof utility.

Do I need to be constantly checking the smart contract to check if my staking share is correct?

Lol, what are you talking about?

I don’t have a Discord, what can I do?

You can send an email to info@Nftimes.org we hate discord too.

Meet Our Team

Cesar Maximo

Co-Founder of the Cake eXperiment.

Engineer active in crypto since 2018. Co-Founder of NFTimes. CEO for irl boring companies, Noob Cod Gamer. Pro at THPS back in 1999, he is old.

Aldo Apache

NFT Pro Gamer

Top 10 Pro Gamer for Gods Unchained, one of the first digital games involving NFTS.
Co-Founder of NFTimes, Economist, active in the NFT environment since 2018. He thinks he is good at chess but he isn’t.

Ivan Navi

Utility Creation Manager

We know he works here, we just dont know what he does all day. 

Luis (Code Master)

Developer and auditor
14 years of experience in software development for banks and the private sector.
Co-Founder of a software development firm.
Bachelor in computer engineering. Dedicated Workaholic. He collects magic cards.

Carlos (Lucas)

Master of Colors

Professional Designer since 2018.
Leader of several design projects for the private sector.
Pro Otaku anime lover.

Jano (Artista)

Master of Original Design
Professional Designer since 2018. Cartoonist since he can remember.
100% dedicated to the Cake eXperiment.

How To Mint:
(The mint will start on June 29th 10:00 am Central Time)


1: Connect your MetaMask


2: Select your Mint Quantity


3: Click on the button to mint your Cake eXperiment


4: Accept transaction on your MetaMask**


5: Welcome Aboard

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